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The Guide uses a five-step plan, informed by an online workshop, to bring high-speed internet to unserved Missouri communities. The five-step plan aims to:

  • Identify important community voices and establish a “shared” vision of success. 
  • Increase community knowledge and appreciation of internet-based applications that can improve health, education, and economic well-being for all.
  • Assess community need for affordable, reliable, high-speed internet services using public input and geocentric data. Identify potential technologies and private partners to satisfy community needs. 
  • Write a proposal for a public-private partnership (P3). Proposals will aim to leverage private expertise and capital with public resources to expand and deploy high-speed internet-based services throughout the community. 
  • Establish accountability and standards for community adoption of internet-based applications to ensure successful implementation of the plan.  

More Details About the Digitally Connected Community Guide Course:

Can any community take the Course?
The Course is designed for groups of between 5 and 20 individuals – (i.e., Community Stakeholders). Ideally a community stakeholder group would include a cross-section of public officials, local business leaders, educators, and health care professionals, as well as concerned citizens. The main requirements to successfully participate in the course is a willingness to work together toward a common objective. A “community” could be as large as a county or even a multi-county region, or as small as a neighborhood. Additionally, urban areas that may lack affordable service or other internet “adoption” issues, and rural or suburban areas with internet availability issues should consider taking the course as well.

Is there a “charge” for the Guide Course?
Yes, communities will be asked to pay a fee to help offset the cost of the course and course facilitation (Extension and campus-based faculty time) and course materials. The charge will vary by community size and how much further along in the process you are resulting in a smaller fee.

Are there limits on how many communities can participate in the Guide Course?
Yes, because resources are limited, it may not be possible to accommodate all communities that would like to participate in the facilitated Guide Course. Communities will be selected based on need and demonstrated readiness to participate in a facilitated process.  

How can my community apply to take the Guide Course?
Interested communities should complete and submit an application on the application page.

For more information or updates feel free to reach out to info@mobroadband.org