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The Digital Ambassador program, spearheaded by University of Missouri Extension and UM System Office of Engagement, trains community members across the state of Missouri to act as digital experts in their areas. Volunteers learn more about digital applications and serve as experts for their families and fellow community members.

Become a Digital Ambassador in 3 easy steps:

Register for our next training session

Complete a 14-hour in person or online training course

Work with local partners to provide outreach, education, and assistance

  • Managing a home network
  • Cloud-based applications
  • Determining community needs
  • Spotting misinformation
  • Cybersecurity
  • And more!

Why become a Digital Ambassador?

Community members of all ages can become a Digital Ambassador. High school students may be interested for individual community service or with a student organization. Adult community members may benefit by using their current expertise to help their neighbors, create projects for civic groups, or gain skills to help their own online experience.

The bottom line: Digital Ambassadors are the forefront of creating a more connected

Resources for Digital Ambassadors

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Explore your possibilities Become a Digital Ambassador to help improve peoples lives.