Healthcare Portals: How to Decide if You Should Use One?

Healthcare portals offer a secure and convenient way for you to access your personal health information and interact with healthcare providers. These applications can enhance your participation in your healthcare and help streamline processes such as bill pay, prescription refills, … Continued
June 12, 2024

How to Find a Telehealth or Tele-mental Health Provider

Many of the same considerations for finding a provider for in-person health services apply to finding a telehealth or tele-mental health provider. You should look for a provider who is licensed, qualified, experienced, and compatible with your needs and preferences. … Continued
May 29, 2024

Benefits of Telehealth and Tele-Mental Health

Telehealth is the use of telephones and\or videoconferencing technology to provide health care services, including mental health care. Tele-mental health is sometimes referred to as telepsychiatry or telepsychology. Research suggests that tele-mental health services can be effective for many people, … Continued
May 15, 2024