Advancing Digital Equity in State and Local Government


To advance digital equity, all individuals and communities must have the technology capacity required to access essential services and fully participate in democracy, society, the economy and lifelong learning. We are not there yet, but state and local governments can … Continued

2023 Missouri Public Utility Alliance Annual Conference

Branson, MO

Join MPUA for the fall annual conference at the Branson Convention Center to keep up on the latest trends in the ever-changing utility industry. Learn from experts, your peers, and businesses specializing in utility products and services. Sessions will focus … Continued

Missouri Department of Economic Development Broadband Update


The Office of Broadband Development continues to develop strategies to implement Governor Parson’s historic plans of investing ARPA funding to increase broadband internet access, adoption, and assistance statewide. Join us for our next call as Director of Broadband Development BJ Tanksley and … Continued


Digital Inclusion Week 2023

Digital Inclusion Week (DIW) is an annual week of awareness, recognition, and celebration. With support from NDIA, organizations and individuals across the country host special events, run social media campaigns, and share their digital inclusion actions and progress with media, … Continued

How to Forge a Unique Modernization Path


Modernization doesn't have to be all or nothing. In fact, parts of some workloads are well-suited for the cloud, and others are best run on-premises, leveraging a genuine hybrid cloud approach. Organizations are finding new ways to drive mainframe modernization as part … Continued

Transportation Innovation: The Intersection of Tech and Transit


The movement of goods and people keeps the economy flowing. Despite this, transportation services haven't always evolved as fast as other city and state departments. By enabling smart transportation systems that use data, applications and technology, your city's transit systems … Continued

Bring Smartness to Your In-Home Broadband Connectivity


In today’s world, many people do not talk about their broadband service; they talk about their Wi-Fi service. This illustrates the extent to which Wi-Fi has become synonymous with broadband. Yet, the Wi-Fi experience often falls short. Customers need and … Continued

AI Chatbots for the Public Sector


Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots are transforming government digital services, providing 24/7 accessibility and improved citizen engagement. Leveraging technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), AI chatbots interpret human language, offering relevant answers and streamlining citizen-government interactions. New … Continued

Digital Inclusion 101 Webinar


Digital Inclusion practitioners have been working to end the digital divide for decades, creating their own community, definitions, resources, and gaining knowledge of what works and doesn’t. Digital Inclusion is a multifaceted issue that takes time to understand and NDIA … Continued

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