The Missouri Broadband Resource Rail serves as a source of information related to the build-out of and affordable access to reliable high-speed broadband internet to improve Missourians’ lives through connectivity. The benefits of broadband are wide ranging, including distance learning, remote work, telehealth and more, and an affordable connection to the Internet has become as essential in daily living as other utilities, such as water, gas and electricity.

In the U.S., the federal government has clearly identified the urgency of increasing affordable broadband connectivity and working toward digital inclusion and digital equity for all. Both legislation and regulatory actions have been adopted in that effort, and new legislation and programs are being contemplated at a fast pace.

This Frequently Asked Questions page is designed to provide basic information about some of the major active or upcoming federal broadband and broadband-related funding programs. The FAQ page includes additional sources of information about the programs, including direct links to the individual program’s website and interpretations of the funding opportunities from additional organizations in the broadband space.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list but rather an overview of some of the more prominent programs. As details emerge and the landscape evolves to include more funding opportunities, so too will this page. Funding application windows are opening and closing frequently. Please visit and search for “broadband” to check which broadband-related programs are currently accepting applications. When available, the application deadline is included with the description of the program in this FAQ.

For more information about the actual grants and loans visit our Funding Opportunities page.