Challenge Applications for the ARPA Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program Challenge Process will be accepted now through November 13, 2022 11:59 pm Central Time. For more information, please visit DED’s ARPA Broadband webpage

A broadband internet service provider that provides existing service in or adjacent to a proposed service area may submit to OBD a written challenge to an application based on its proposed service area. Within three business days of receiving a challenge, OBD will notify the applicant of such challenge.

A challenge will succeed when OBD determines that, for the proposed project service area, the challenger:

  1. Currently provides broadband services meeting baseline speed of 100/20 Mbps; or
  2. Has begun construction to provide such services; or
  3. Has an enforceable commitment to provide broadband internet service at speeds of at least 100/20 Mbps and scalable to higher speeds to the proposed service area in a timeframe similar to that proposed for the applicant’s project.

To view the list of ARPA Broadband Grant Program Projects, click here.

Note: OBD has experienced technical issues with a few shapefiles of proposed projects. We are working to resolve these and will update the map as quickly as possible.

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