BroadbandUSA; Implementing a Broadband Network Vision: A Toolkit for Local and Tribal Governments

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NTIA launched BroadbandUSA in January 2015 after recognizing that while communities may understand that broadband connectivity and use are vital to their economic development, innovation, education, health care, and public safety needs, they often lack the resources and expertise to seize those benefits. BroadbandUSA assists, educates, and convenes government, community, and industry leaders working to advance broadband initiatives and policy. BroadbandUSA serves as a trusted and neutral strategic advisor, working with public and private sector partners to assess local broadband needs and gaps; identify possible funding and other resources; and plan network infrastructure projects and digital inclusion programs Leveraging years of hands-on private sector experience along with expertise gained from its administration and oversight of broadband grants, BroadbandUSA is publishing a series of guides and toolkits for communities determined to take steps to secure the robust broadband services and digital literacy skills needed to compete in today’s global economy. These publications provide practical advice for developing programs to help communities successfully meet their current and future broadband needs. This Toolkit, Implementing a Broadband Network Vision, describes in detail the nine steps that local and tribal governments should take to realize the goal of deploying broadband network infrastructure to promote economic development, encourage innovation, enhance job opportunities and improve the well-being of community residents.

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