Digitally Connected Community Guide

The Guide is set to be available this June!

The Digitally Connected Community Guide (the “Guide”) is an online course available through MU Extension.  All materials in the course have been adapted so that it can be view by individuals who have limited internet access (e.g., cell phone “hot spot” access only). Select materials also will be included for download and printing. Individuals in communities will register for the course through MU Extension. However, materials and resources related developed for the Guide also will be publicly available through the Missouri Broadband Resource Rail.

The objective of the Guide is to empower individuals taking the course to work together as a Community Stakeholder Team and create communities that are “digitally connected.” The Guide does this by providing resources needed to:

  • Identify community voices critical to the success of the effort and establish a “shared vision” of success.
  • Increase the community’s knowledge and appreciation of internet-based applications that can improve the health, education and economic well-being for all.
  • Assess the community’s need for affordable, reliable, high-speed internet services based on public input and geocentric data. Use that information to identify appropriate potential technologies and private partners.
  • Develop a written proposal for a public-private partnership (P3) model that will best leverage private expertise and capital with public resources to facilitate the expansion and deployment of high-speed internet-based applications throughout the community.
  • Make implementation of the plan successful by establishing accountability and standards for increasing community adoption of internet-based digital applications. 

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