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Creating Digitally Connected Communities

Whether you are a member of the public, a researcher, a community-based organization, internet service provider, work in local government or economic development this site has the tools to help you. The Broadband Resource rail is a coordinated effort to encourage the build-out of reliable high-speed internet (broadband) infrastructure and use of broadband-based applications to improve lives around the state’s three grand challenges related to: Economic opportunity, Educational Access and Health and Well-Being.

The Digitally Connected Community Guide®

The Digitally Connected Community Guide course helps achieve advances in education, health and economic and social well-being by exploring ways to bring high-speed internet to all individuals and businesses. Learn more about how you can use it to help your community.

Resource Navigator
The Resource Navigator

The Resource Navigator® provides a systematic way to identify and organize community resources into an easy-to-use online database. It simplifies the process of linking clients to the right resource at the right time.

Broadband Funding Toolkit
Broadband Funding Toolkit

A Broadband specific toolkit developed by Missouri state agencies for local governments to use in considering investments for their communities with American Rescue Plan Act (“ARPA”) local fiscal recovery funding.

Resource Navigator
Document Library

The Broadband library contains articles and links to information on broadband infrastructure, digital literacy, and based-applications for your community.

Broadband Planning Story Map

Bringing the benefits of broadband to your community requires planning, perseverance and partnerships. Community needs will vary. Use the guide to help you navigate the journey of bringing broadband to your area.


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